Hard Disk: The Spine of a Computer

When CPU is known as the brain of computer because it determines how the computer processes, a Hard disk can be called as the spine of a computer because it determines how much a computer can bear. A hard disk stores and access the data of a computer and can be connected to multiple devices to transfer the files. It can be of two types: Internal and External. Internal hard disk is in built and the external is bought separately by the users to get a data backup of their computer. These days with increasing number of works to performed in a day like making & collecting PowerPoint Presentations and videos, clicking pictures and watching movies, has paved the way of keeping a data backup regularly. An external hard disk is used to store such data separately from the computer. This storage device is the choice of business persons who have to travel a lot while keeping huge of data. Also if you want to keep a backup data of your computer an external hard disk is the best option.

If you have made up your mind for buying an external hard disk, you would not want to buy something that later on you will have to repent over. You do not need to know every computer terms before buying one such device but certain things can make your choice good or bad about purchasing this powerful device for you.

Things you need to check before buying a Hard Disk

If you just take care of the below mentioned points before sticking to one product, you may not have to give your purchase a second thought:

  • Firstly, you need to know what you are going to use it for. Because your needs decides what suits for you. Like you are not going to flaunt your decision of buying a larger hard disk if you did not require this much.
  • Do a small research upon hard disks via internet. Getting information is always beneficial for your purchase.
  • After the analysis of your needs and the hard disks available today, you decide a budget. The larger the size of a hard disk is, the more expensive it is. 500GB external hard disk does not as much as a 1 TB hard disk.
  • One very important factor that cannot be avoided while buying a External hard disk is its data transfer speed. If you have to transfer bulk of files regularly then it would be very irritating to buy a hard disk that consumes a lot of time in transferring files.
  • One more thing is that the resolution per minute (RPM) needs to be high because this is what brings higher data throughput and better performance. Also 7200 RPM is suggested to be good enough. Also the seek time should not exceed 10 milliseconds. The buffer size has to be high and it should never go below 4MB.

So keeping the above things in mind, you can buy an external hard disk now!