Storage Protocols To Observe With Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are very valuable, and they come in several forms. Loose diamonds are one of these forms, and if you have them in your possession, you want to use a couple of storage protocols with them for as long as they're in your possession.

Wrap Loose Diamonds in Cloth

If you just kept loose diamonds together without any real protection, then they can get damaged. That might seem hard to believe because of how durable diamonds are, but when they're in a loose form, they can still chip.

You don't want this damage happening to loose diamonds that you may have worked hard to get from sellers. As such, whatever you plan on putting the loose diamonds in, make sure they're wrapped in some sort of protective cloth. That will give them a lot of cushion, keeping scratching and chipping from happening.

Have Them Certified as Being Real Before Storing

Before you put loose diamonds up in a storage container or a safe, you want to make sure all of your diamonds are real. That will ensure you take the right protective measures for loose diamonds that may have a lot of value.

You need to speak with a diamond expert and have them look at all of your diamonds individually. If you have an inauthentic loose diamond in your collection, at least you'll know and can separate it from authentic diamonds. You then won't be looked at as deceptive if you ever decide to sell loose diamonds to buyers.

Put Diamonds in Cases When Traveling

You may travel a lot with loose diamonds when you start fielding offers from buyers. You don't want to just carry these diamonds around in a sack or bag, though. You need as much protection and security as you can get.

For instance, you might want to put your loose diamonds in a durable case that can seal shut and lock. That will help you be less anxious when carrying around loose diamonds to different vendors that are thinking about buying these materials from you. Just make sure the case is very durable and inconspicuous if possible. 

You may have some loose diamonds in your collection that you plan on selling at a later date. As long as you know how to store these diamonds over the months or years of having them, you won't be that worried about what could happen to them in the future. 

To learn more about loose diamonds, contact a local jeweller.