Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

As colder months give way to warmer days and nights, you may start spending more time outdoors. If your home features a porch, patio, or plenty of yard space, consider transforming it into a relaxing spring and summer respite with the use of creative lighting. 

While you could light up the outside space with a traditional wall switch and recessed overhead or wall lighting, going the creative route will give the area a personalized look and feel. The right lighting elements can also infuse the space with ambiance and a more cozy, intimate feel.

While creative outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your porch, patio, or yard more, it will also come in handy when you hold outdoor events, such as small wedding receptions, birthday parties, or neighborhood gatherings. Decorative lighting elements instantly transform a boring outdoor space into a festive party venue. 

Following are some creative outdoor lighting ideas to consider using in your home:

1. Solar Lights 

Not only do solar lights provide nighttime illumination and ambiance, but they're also an environmentally friendly option. Since they illuminate using stored sunlight rather than electricity, you'll also save money on your utility bill. The lights are designed to stay illuminated for several hours, depending on how much sunlight they get during the day.

Install these lights anywhere you'd use regular lighting elements, such as lining sidewalks and other pathways, the perimeter of gardens, or around a patio. You typically insert the lights in the ground, and they come in a wide variety of designs, such as flower or insect shapes for a whimsical look.

Customize the colors according to an event theme as well. 

2. Outdoor String Lights 

String lights will add a bit of magic to any outdoor space, as they twinkle and give the area a soft, warm glow. There are many different styles and sizes of string lights from which to choose, so you'll have no problem finding the perfect ones for your home.

As one idea, wrap strings of small lights around tree trunks and trellises, or even around deck railings and beams as an unexpected touch. Choose lights featuring green or brown wires so that they blend in with their natural surrounding during the daytime. 

If you want larger lights, hang strings of Edison or cafe-style bulbs across a patio to light up outdoor dining and sitting areas. Again, you can change the bulb colors for a festive flair.  

For more information about home lighting, contact a local company.