Why Business Promotional Bags Are Better Than Promotional T-Shirts

If you are thinking about buying promotional items that you can have printed with your company's name, logo, website, and more, then you could be thinking about ordering T-shirts. After all, T-shirts are very popular promotional items, and you might be thinking about passing them out to your employees, family members, friends, and customers. However, instead of ordering T-shirts, you might want to think outside of the box. Instead, you might find that ordering promotional bags is actually an even better idea for these reasons and more.

There Are Many Different Types of Bags You Can Pick From

If you choose to order promotional T-shirts, you'll probably only have a few styles of T-shirt that you can choose from, such as standard or V-neck T-shirts. However, there are many different types of bags that you can choose from when placing an order with most companies that make promotional T-shirts. For example, you can choose from tote bags, duffel bags, messenger bags, drawstring bags, wine totes, and more. If you check out a company that makes promotional products, they should be more than willing to tell you about the different types of bags that they offer for this purpose.

People Will Use Them Every Day

There are a couple of reasons why you probably want to give promotional items to people who will use them on a regular basis. For one thing, you are probably hoping that your customers or employees will enjoy having a new bag that they can use on a daily basis. Additionally, the more that recipients use the promotional items that you give them, the more that your company's name or logo will be put out there. Although most people probably won't wear a promotional T-shirt every day, they might actually get used to using a bag every day.

You Don't Have to Worry About Having Multiple Sizes

If you buy promotional T-shirts to give out, you have to worry about ordering and storing multiple sizes, and you have to worry about running out of some sizes but not others. With promotional bags, on the other hand, you don't have to worry about this. Instead, you can place a large order for a bunch of bags that are exactly the same, and you can then pass out bags of the same type and size to all of your customers.

You'll Be Offering Something Different

Many people already have a lot of T-shirts that they have been given from other businesses or that they have purchased while on vacation or at a special event. However, a lot of people don't receive bags from businesses since a lot of businesses don't order them. Therefore, you can offer something a little bit different that your customers and others are sure to appreciate.