Is Adding A Purple Penis Ring Sleeve To Your Private Toy Collection Right For You?

When it comes to stimulation for the penis, there are many sex toys and exploration devices on the market to check out, among them the purple penis ring sleeve. You may be familiar with a cock ring, which runs along the same lines but differs slightly from a cock sleeve. Your intimate store specialist can show you the main differences and intended purposes for each, and here you can learn more about a penis ring sleeve to see if this is the right type of sex toy to add to your private collection.

You want a more stimulating experience for yourself

If you want to have more stimulation when pleasuring yourself or someone else, then investing in a purple penis ring sleeve can work well for you. The sleeve itself goes over the penis and is typically made of durable yet flexible silicone for comfort and ease of use. The intent of the sleeve is to support the penis shaft and help an erection feel and appear longer and more rigid, leading to a better sexual experience when you are alone.

Furthermore, the purple penis ring sleeve has a certain grip to it, which should give a sensation that is pleasurable when using so long as it is applied correctly. This can make self-exploration more pleasurable all around.

You want a more stimulating experience for your partner

Some of these special intimate sleeves also feature a vibration attachment, intended to add sensations to the person you are penetrating or also pleasuring as part of your experience. This is an attachment that may have additional vibration settings for a custom experience and should only be used as intended. Unless otherwise indicated on the packaging, a purple penis ring sleeve should only be used externally by either partner.

When you buy your intimate toys, including a purple penis sleeve or cock ring sleeve, make sure to also purchase cleaning supplies and storage cases. Even if there is no penetration when using these particular sexual toys, make sure to clean the units between uses to keep body parts healthy and to prevent the spread of bacteria. If pain or discomfort is felt while using a penis sleeve, discontinue use and read directions for use again. You may also want to use these devices with a water-based lubricant to make usage easier. Consult with an intimate toy specialist to learn more about how these devices work so you know if this is the right private toy to add to your collection.