The Benefits Of Sticking With Name-Brand Toner Cartridges For Your Company's Printers

Does your company do a lot of printing on a daily basis? Whether it's customer records or your next project report, you depend on your printers to print out what you need without creating a delay or hassle. One thing that could slow you down, though, is occasionally needing to replace your toner cartridges or drums. You can avoid a lengthy delay if you stock up on these supplies before you run out. Here's why it might be best to stick with name-brand supplies like a Xerox premium toner cartridges when stocking up.

Premium Name-Brand Cartridges Are More Reliable

When you buy off-brand or re-filled cartridges off the Internet or from some random third party, you never really know what you are going to get. The cartridge might work fine, but it could also run into problems with dry ink or other faults that could mess up your printing or slow down your next print run. Premium name-brand cartridges are inspected closely to ensure top-notch quality and reliability. Using these types of cartridges should give you better peace of mind that you can just use your printer as you like without having to worry about something going wrong that throws your next project off track.

Premium Name-Brand Cartridges Might Be Replaced for Free If There is a Defect

When you buy new premium cartridges from a name-brand company, you will often get a limited warranty with the new cartridge. If it turns out that the cartridge does break down or have a flaw, the company that made it will replace it for free, keeping your expenses down. This isn't always the case when you buy a generic or off-brand cartridge. Those types of cartridges are usually "buyer beware" and you'll have to pay out of pocket for a replacement if one that you buy goes bad.

Premium Name-Brand Cartridges Might Cost Less Per Page

Yes, you will pay a premium in price to get premium name-brand printer cartridges. But these cartridges tend to have more ink in them then some off-brands and the printer may be able to print more efficiently and use less ink out of the cartridge when the printer is the same name-brand as the cartridge it is using. Your cost per page could also come down due to each page printing as it's supposed to instead of you having to re-do a run because your off-brand cartridge had some dry ink or other issues in the middle of the batch.

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